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Porsche 911 Turbo: evolution

The school with the erotic fantasies have to face not only the teacher, and would like to see teachers have learned to distinguish the truth of revelation of intimate issues of teenage sexual folklore. One of the main entry points, there may be the number and quality of parts. If, indeed, there was something, or should something happen (say, a girl haunted), the little details, they are mean and mostly colorless. In the case of erotic fantasy story is emotional, parts are many, they are convex and very far from the truth. For example, heard about the phenomenon of orgasm, adolescent girls sometimes try to tell a story of loss of innocence and retell their imaginary sensations, as if looking for an adult companion support of his conjecture. Listening to any erotic story from the mouth of a teenager, a teacher should be just calm interested listener, but not soperezhivatelem. PORSCHE <
The same applies to the position of director of the school when teens complain of erotomania with elements of pedophilia on the part of teachers. The latter happens, alas, is not so rare. However, the element of erotic fantasies may also be present in these complaints. Recommendation: to convict the teenager in slandering the teacher, in any case, do not take the story public, do not make class hour or something. Child must show a neurologist or psychologist. Experts decide that it was the basis of this action. Gross interference, the conviction in this case may cause teenage suicide or psevdosuitsid that too dangerous (suicide – suicide). All of the above, in most cases, can be considered as a typical age-related behavior. Erotic Fantasies 12 – 15-year-old – one of the forms of sexuality.

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As you know, sexuality can not be without justification. Motivations can be reflected upon, deliberate, passed through the intellect, and may be purely instinctive properties. Total Science are nine and motivations. Let us dwell briefly on each of them and a closer look at the ones that are most common for teenagers.
First, the earliest and motivation – the extension order. That is, one comes into intimate contact with another person in order to be realized as a parent. Sigmund Freud argued in his writings that and the need for a woman to have a child – is it possible to get rid of the inferiority complex caused by a child’s mind and the fact that the girl is deprived of the copulatory organ. Much goes disputes and speculation over whether or not there is a maternal instinct. Yet most scientists enough reasoning shows and that the maternal instinct is nothing but a sublimated sexual instinct. Sublimated – then translated into and the other, more highly spiritual area. People who know the bad biology, but still fiercely defending and the presence of the maternal instinct in animals that are almost in the best feelings hurt when they find out that the chicken turns the eggs in a clutch is not for love of embryos sitting in the shell. Just after laying on stomach cancer in birds swell, become inflamed, their and temperature rises. Sitting on cold eggs, chicken feels comfortable, when masonry is heated, turns the wise hen “kids” on the other side and again Studite sore belly. The example I gave only to you do not forget: if any, the most incomprehensible act of biological substance to remember about the body of a “somatic” of our animal origin.